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Design Custom Shoe Painting

5 Tips to Custom Shoe Design

Personal style is as unique as a fingerprint and custom shoe design is the perfect way to unleash creativity and make a statement. From altering the shape and structure of the shoe to experimenting...

ShoeZero - When Fashion Meets Art - Shoe Zero

ShoeZero - When Fashion Meets Art

Fashion is fashion. Art is art. Two words that may appear different at first glance. But time and time again, these two have proven to coexist together in our world where creativity knows no limit....

leather vs suede

Leather vs Suede: Which Is Better?

Leather and suede are typically used to make new garments and accessories such as trousers, jackets, bags, and shoes. But what’s the difference between leather shoes and suede shoes? The primary di...

custom shoes online

The New Fashion Industry Is Now Online

The fashion industry is no stranger to innovation - it is gradually moving into online business. Shoezero allows you to design custom shoes online very conveniently and creatively and is here to he...